Meet Our Model // Sarah Mei Hughes

We caught up with our amazing model, Sarah Mei, who modelled our debut collection…

Tell us what you do

I’m a producer at a branding agency

Can you tell us something you’re working on at the moment?

Yes & no. There are lots of projects that haven’t been released yet that I can’t talk about. We have amazing clients like Google, The Guardian, The British Council & The Design Museum…

What does your job entail?

What I’m best at is working in a creative environment and making sure shit gets done. My job is to make sure the client is alright and that my team is alright. And making sure that what the client wants and what we’ve agreed to deliver we do deliver.

I need you to do that for my life!

Do you have a daily uniform?

I’m going through a change at the moment, I’ve been known to wear a lot of menswear, which I still do. Basically for me, it’s function over fashion.

The reason I prefer menswear to womenswear is because it’s not so wholly based on fast fashion. The trends are far fewer, so you’re not spending ridiculous money on shit items of clothing. I like classic cuts and well-tailored pieces, well thought out pattern and design.

My daily uniform is made of comfortable pieces that flatter my frame. I’m quite minimalist in what I wear; black, navy, grey, white, that's kind of it. And maybe a bit of colour somewhere. Blue is my favourite colour of all time.

I always wear really baggy or loose clothing, but a little bit of naked ankle or wrists or neck is incredibly feminine, and it’s a contrast, it’s nice to view.

Are you working on anything outside of your job at the moment?

I still do consultancy for Nike footwear design. This week I put together a panel of women who work in creative industries, one’s a dancer, one’s a music journalist and one’s a director. I took them with me to review Nike’s womenswear trainers that are being released S/S ‘17. It’s for the designers benefit, to work out a) Do girls in London like that? Would it sell here? And b) Do they need to make any edits to the design?

Sarah Mei is a great creative force, we're sure there's bigger things to come from her in the next few years. Check out her website ( & social media @essmei

Sarah Mei is wearing our Indian Stripe shirt, which you can purchase here.

Photos by Craig Keenan

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