B L O C K   C A R V I N G

Firstly we design our prints, making sure that they work in a repeat. The repeat must fit into a rectangle, normally around 6 x 7 inches, which is the size of blocks our printers like to work with.

Above: Deepak and Raju check the repeat of our ‘Bump’ design

We give the block carvers print-outs of our designs, which they oil down, so that the paper becomes transparent. The oiled designs are nailed to a cross-section of locally found wood called 'sisam'.

Above: Our ‘Fan’ design is oiled and nailed to the wood ready for carving, and our ‘Stripe’ is partially carved.

Carving begins, using a nail and long piece of solid wood; large areas of recess are chipped away crudely, whilst smaller details are finely carved.

Above: Carving our ‘Bump’ block

Above: Liz holds our nearly completed Mountain and Weave blocks, from our Collection No.2