Chhipa are a duo designing contemporary shirts and accessories for men and women. Our goal is to make high quality printed products that support an ancient craft. We want to make products that people can love and wear for many years.

Working directly alongside master craftsmen in Rajasthan, our first collection is made using the traditional process of DABU printing and dyed using Indigo. Our second is using a discharge printing technique, dyed in greens and greys. You can find out more about this on our PROCESS page.

Claudia Borfiga and Lizzie Lock grew up together and have always shared a keen interest in design - Claudia is a screenprinter and Liz, a milliner. Going to India in search of inspiration they came across the ancient craft of block printing. Standing on top of the Nahargarh Fort, reflecting on what we had seen and both wearing oversized men's shirts, Chhipa began.

Liz & Claudia are continually inspired by this enchanting country, each trip returning with a new process and new ideas. In between the weddings, religious holidays, camels, goats, chai and 45˚ heat, we create each new collection. Visit our RAJASTHAN page to see a sense of our surrounds in the village.

We hope you like them as much as we do.
Liz & Claudia x